1. The Sisters in Welland, with Bishop Gerard Bergie
  2. Prayer time at the Chapel
  3. The Sisters with their Summer habit
  4. Taking a walk with Mother General by the Welland Canal
  5. Brain storming

We are
an Institution
of Religious
Living the Evangelical Vows
of Chastity,
Poverty, and  Obedience  

Our Spirituality is
Love and
to the
Sacred Heart
of Jesus, 
which is being embodied by
our Charism

Our Charism is
Love and
to the
both spiritual
and corporal
The Holy Eucharist is the very source of our strenght
which leads us to love as Jesus loves
  1. Religious, Sacred Heart, Sisters
  2. Religious, Sacred Heart, Sisters
  3. Religious, Sacred Heart, Sisters
  4. Religious, Sisters, Sacred Heart
  5. Kindergarten Program
  6. Daily Prayer
Our Mission is Charity

As Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Ragusa, our mission is charity which comes from the love of God, from the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The adaptation to the different situations surrounding us is an essential element of our apostolate. Blessed Maria Schinina, upon awareness of the needs of the people of her time and culture, left all the luxury and comfort of her social position to be with the poor and the needy.
This is how our institute was founded, the word Caritas [Charity] has a prominent place in our official logo.  It is the will of our Foundress that the virtue of charity become part of each Sister's way of life and persona.
In Canada we work with young children, helping them develop intellectually and spiritually.  We also collaborate in pastoral works and activities, and work with families and individuals when the need arises.  On Sundays, we bring the Holy Eucharist to the sick in the local hospital and to the elderly in the institutions nearbye.

Collaboration in Pastoral works and activities