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Why Stay Alone?
     In general, people of our present era claim that we are now at the point of globalized community; that we now live in a world beyond the boundaries of nations and distance barriers; that our awareness of each other's existence is boundless, even those who live thousands of miles from us.  Really?
   I too, to a certain degree, agree to this; it is certain that there exists unitive factors which make the people of today's world united as one in some ways.  Things like cultural and global co-xistence, trading system, and the like.
  But why is it that with so much talk of globalization many of the men and women of today are lonely? Are we really living a s a global community? Community living involves several important factors which are of benefit for each and every member.  In fact in a real community living, there exists that which we call "give and take" co-existence, a real sense of responsibility, and a loving concern for each and every member.  
   Let us therefore examine our co-existence in this world of ours to be able to see if in fact, the notion that we are at the point of living as a global community is a reality.  My greatest hope if you will, is that after reflecting on this, we are able to realize that we miss the most important factor that will lead us to the realization of living a global community, GOD who promised us that He will be with us until the end of time.  So why stay alone?  Why not let God be the unitive factor of our Global community? For who can calm the storm of human disagreements but He who is Love and Mercy Himself?  [by Sister Marian]
How Far Can We Go?
                                                                                                                            From East to West, from North to South
When we look around us,
we never feel satisfied
with the space surrounding us.  

From day to night, from dawn to dusk
When we look at what we have,
we are never content
of all the things we've got

We work so hard to get what we want
tried our best to possess the rest
of the things we thought
are good for us

We move from place to place
used many strategies we thought
can bring us success
and happiness

We sought for people whom we thought
are great and have fame
that we too 
can be known  in the end

But no matter how much we try
there is never be a place
in this world
where we can be satisfied

For our restless soul will go on searching
for joy and satisfaction
and the peace
that it brings

But no where and nothing in this world
can fill what seems to be missing
Until we place all of our being
to God Who satisfies our longing
                                                                                                                                                                      [Sister Marian Limen, SSCGR]

Sister Emmanuela's 25th Anniversary
   When a Sister celebrates an anniversary it is a splendid event for the entire Institute as every Sister joins in praising God for the wonderful gift of the vocation to the religious life.  Being consecrated to God means entering into a special relationship with God, one that makes great demands on our souls and promises immense joys. 
  We had the joy of celebrating Sr. Emmanuela’s 25th Anniversary of Religious Profession in June.  The Mass was celebrated by our Bishop Gerard Bergie and concelebrated by several priests who have been close to our community over the years.  Our very own Sacred Heart Children’s Choir led the singing, conducted by Sr. Marian.  The preschool children from Sr. Emmanuela’s class carried 25 roses during the entrance procession Some of Sr. Emmanuela’s family members were also present including her brother and his wife and two children from Alberta and her cousin and his family from Toronto. 
St. Mary Church was filled with people who have been touched by Sr. Emmanuela over the years, including the families of the children she has taught over the years, benefactors, and members of the parish community.
   In his homily Bishop Bergie pointed out how much of an inspiration it is to our world today to see a woman who has been faithful to her commitment.  He drew everyone’s attention to the graces and virtues that have shone in Sr. Emmanuela’s life, especially the extraordinary care and love she gives to our elderly Sister, Mother Alba and the patience and understanding needed to care for young children.  He emphasized that God is never outdone in generosity and His love which has sustained Sr. Emmanuela through the past 25 years will continue to strengthen her and give her every grace she needs to live her commitment with love and joy.    

​​Moving Forward
     For many years we have held onto the dream of expanding our Institute in other parts of Canada.  Several times we have made beginnings and things have fallen through showing us that it was not God’s will yet.  Obedient to His plan, we continued to hope and pray that perhaps there would be an opportunity one day. 
   When Sr. Margherita celebrated her 50th Anniversary of Religious Profession in 2014, one of the guests was Bishop Richard Grecco, the Bishop of Charlottetown Prince Edward Island Who Sr. Margherita had known when he was a local priest.  He mentioned that he would love to have the Sisters of the Sacred Heart on the Island and promised to send a formal invitation to Mother General in Rome. 


Although it took some time for all the pieces to come together, throughout the project it was evident that God really wanted this to happen this time.  The land was generously donated by APM Construction Group and the building of the new convent began in July 2017.  We are watching the progress with expectation and hope, and the people of Summerside PEI where the convent is located have been so supportive and generous, excited that the Sisters of the Sacred Heart will soon be working in their midst, serving in the parish, visiting the sick and elderly and eventually opening a faith based child care center.
Please keep this endeavour in your prayers as we still have hurdles to overcome.  We know we can do all things in him who strengthens us!  

  1. United As One
  2. The Entrance Procession of the Mass
  3. The Renewal of the Vows
  4. A Shepherd's greeting
  5. The Sisters
  6. The Children's Choir
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
The Convent of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart in Summerside, Prince Edward Island.
  1. Sister Margherita Ianni
    Sister Margherita Ianni
  2. The Celebration of the Holy Eucharist
    The Celebration of the Holy Eucharist
  3. The children's choir
    The children's choir
  4. All As One
    All As One
  5. The Sisters
    The Sisters
  6. Sister Margherita and Sister Alba
    Sister Margherita and Sister Alba

[By Sister Amanda Dudfield, SSCGR]


Welland, Ontario

Every first Saturday of the month
[September to June]​​ is our children's turn to sing
in the mass in honour of our Blessed Mother Mary. 
Children 5 years and up, and are interested
to sing with our children's choir may join.
Contact us @ 905-732-4542 for more information regarding our children's choir and activities. 

Children's Catechism Class
Who: school age cildren attending public schools
Place: St. Mary Church, 90 Griffith St. Welland
Time: 4:00 - 4:45 pm every Saturday
beginning the Saturday after Thanksgiving 
​Call: 905-732-4542 for more information

Summerside, PEI


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Children's Choir Practice
           - Mondays at 6:30 p.m - 7:30 p.m.
          - At Sacred Heart Convent, 403 Granville Street, Summerside
          - Sings every last Sunday of the month at 10:30 am Mass, St. 
             Paul Parish, Summerside, PE
           - Children ages 5-15 are welcome to join the choir.

Discernment Retreat
There will be a discernment retreat for single young women ages 17 to 30 on Saturday, October 27th from 9:00 am. - 4:00 pm. The retreat will take place at Sacred Heart Convent, 403 Granville St., Summerside, PE. 
A free will donation will be accepted to cover the cost of the food. More details regarding dates and times will be included in a follow-up E-mail to those applicants whom we are able to accept for the retreat.

Please note: after completing the form below, send it to us as attachment.  We will confirm your application by calling your parents or by E-mail.
(In case of any problems or questions with the registration process, please e-mail Sister Marian: [email protected])

Experience Praying with the Sisters

Every  1st Sunday of the month 
6:30 - 8:00  at the Sisters' Convent
1 Edward Street,  Welland, Ontario
L3C  5H2  Canada
Go to Contact page
for more inquiries and to confirm attendance

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