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About Us
Our Foundation
We are an Institute of Religious women, founded by Blessed Maria Schinina on May 9,1889 in Ragusa Sicily, Italy.  Maria Schinina was born into a wealthy noble family in Ragusa (Sicily) Italy, April 10, 1844.  She spent her youth enjoying all the pleasures of music, dance and fashion that her privileged station gave her.  However, by responding to a call from God, she renounced her title and her wealth to serve the poor, the sick and the suffering.  She spent her self out of love for Jesus, seeing Him in all those whom she served.  On May 9,1889 she founded the Institute of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus who now continue her works of mercy, out of love for Jesus, all over the world.
                                     "Love the Holy rule,
                     Love one another as Sisters, Love souls.
       We must all live and die in the Sacred Heart of Jesus."
                                                   ~ Blessed Maria Schinina ~
Meet some of our Sisters
Sister Margherita Ianni
Sister Emmanuela Naig
Sister Marian Limen
As a young child I began reading the lives of the saints and I was inspired to love Jesus as they did.  I realized God was calling me to be one of them. The day of my religious profession was the fulfillment of my dream to give myself totally to God by serving His people.
Even though I love my home and my friends, sometimes I would look up the sky and think there must be more to life than this.  Jesus called me and His love has sustained me as I know it always will.
When I become a student leader and a youth leader in my parish and diocese back home [at the same time], I thought I would be satisfied. But I was wrong.  With my supportive and loving family and friends surrounding me, and getting my degree, still my heart found no satisfaction until it rested in God.
Sister Amanda Dudfield
Sister Nelfa Abendan
Sister Juliet Florida
When I thought I had everything that was supposed to make me happy and still felt dissatisfied, I realized only God could satisfy my heart, and as a Sister, I fall in love with with Him more each day.
God invited me to respond to His all as my part in the divine plan of salvation.  He has showered me with blessings, healing joy and peace that the world cannot give.  He has filled my every need abundantly.
I become a Sister because I love Jesus and I wanted to be one of His followers.  To be a Sister is the most precious gift that I ever had in my life.  "The gift of my vocation".  God chose me to be His bride.

Is He calling you?
 "You thirst for happiness, Christ has the answer to this desire of yours.  But He asks you to trust Him.  
Answer the Lord with strong and generous hearts!"

You Too might be called by God
Tell us how you feel.  
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